Managing Network Objects


Follow this procedure when you want to assign a network object to a network node. The name of network object is taken as being the TCP/IP port number of the Dimensions CM listener on that node and is used to communicate between nodes in the network. For TCP/IP this is a socket listed in the services file or its equivalent.

After assigning a network object, you can edit it or unassign it from the node if necessary.

To assign a network object:

  1. From the Network Administration window, click the Network Nodes tab.

  2. Select the node to which you want to assign the network object in the navigation area.

  3. Click the Add button: addbutton.gif in the Network Object section. The Assign/Edit Node Object Dialog Box appears.

  4. Select the existing network object name from the Network Object Name list or enter a name to define a new object. The existing name is the '- service' entry in the listener.dat file located in the Dimensions CM dfs sub-directory.

  5. Select the appropriate network protocol from the Protocol list, either SDP for the standard network protocol or SSLSDP if a Secure Sockets Layers network protocol is being used.

  6. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  7. Click OK to assign the network object to the node.

To edit or unassign a network object:

  1. Select the node to which the network object is assigned in the navigation area.

  2. Select the network object from the Network Object section.

  3. Do one of the following:

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