Creating Client/Server Connections


Follow this procedure when you want to establish access from a Dimensions CM client node to a server node. In Dimensions CM networking terms, a client node is actually the node where the Dimensions CM server is located and the server node is the node where the Dimensions CM listener is located. This connection enables a client to access the item libraries and user files that reside on the server.

To create a connection:

  1. From the Network Administration window, click the Node Connections tab.

  2. Click the New button: newconnectionbutton00014.gif. The Register/Edit Client Server Connection Dialog Box appears.

  3. Select the network client that you want to connect to from the Client Node list.

  4. Select the network server that you want to connect to from the Server Node list.

  5. Select the network object to facilitate the connection from the Network Object list.

  6. Optionally, select the appropriate network protocol from the Protocol list—either SDP for the standard network protocol or SSLSDP if a Secure Sockets Layers network protocol is being used.

  7. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  8. Click OK to add the connection.

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