User Interface Security

These roles determine which parts of the Serena Release Automation web application users can access. Each tab, such as Reports, on the web application's home page can be restricted. Available permissions are:

Web UI Permissions table

Permission Description
Resources Access the Resources tab (see Resources).
Applications Access the Applications tab (see Applications).
Components Access the Components tab (see Components).
Configuration Access the Configuration tab (see Configurations) .
Reports Access the Reports tab (see Reports) .
Deployment Calendar Access the Calendar tab (see Scheduling Deployments.
Work Items Access the Work Items tab (see Work Items).
Settings Access the Settings tab.
Dashboard Access the Dashboard tab.

To add users to Web UI roles:

  1. >Display the System Security tab Settings > Security > Security).

    For resource groups: Resources > Resource Groups > [Edit Group action] > Security.

    All defined roles are displayed.

  2. Use the Add Role Member action for a specific role, then select the user.

    All users are available. As shipped, Serena Release Automation provides the following roles:

Default Web UI Roles table

Role Description
Deployment Engineer Access the Reports, Calendar, Work Items, and Dashboard tabs.
Approver Access the Reports, Work Items, and Dashboard tabs.
Administrator Access all tabs.
Configuration Engineer Access all tabs except Calendar and Work Items.