Scheduling Deployments

Serena Release Automation has a built-in deployment scheduling system for setting regular deployments, or even black-out dates, for your Deployments. Deployments for an individual Application are scheduled on a per-environment basis, set when you run a deployment of a Snapshot or Deployment Process. Black-out dates are set within the individual Environments.

Creating a Schedule

To set up a Scheduled Deployment, go to Application > Environment > Request Process. If you are scheduling a Snapshot deployment, go to Application > Snapshots > Request Process instead. Regardless of the type of deployment you are scheduling, configuration is the same.

After you check the Schedule Deployment box, Serena Release Automation will prompt you to give the date and time you want the deployment to run. The Make Recurring setting will deploy the Application on a regular schedule. For example, if you are practicing Continuous Delivery, the Daily option will deploy the Application to the target Environment every day.

Once you have scheduled the deployment, it will be added to the Calendar. There, if you click on the Scheduled Deployment, you can edit, delete, or investigate the deployment.

Setting Blackouts

A blackout is a set per-environment, per-application. Once set, no deployments (nor snapshots) can be scheduled to occur in that environment. Any previously scheduled deployments to the Environment will fail if they fall within the blackout date you set. To set up a blackout, go to Application > Environments > Calendar > Add Blackout). If you need to set blackouts for more than one environment, you must do this for each individual one. Serena Release Automation will prompt you to give the dates and times for the blackout.