Installing Microsoft SQL Server

Before installing the Serena Release Automation server, install a SQL Server database. If you are evaluating Serena Release Automation, you can install the database on the same machine where the Serena Release Automation server will be installed.

When you install Serena Release Automation, you will need the SQL Server connection information, and a user account with table creation privileges.

To install the MS SQL Server database:

  1. Download and install the JDK–not a JRE–that corresponds to your operating system (see

  2. Download the SQL Server JDBC driver from and save it in your Apache-Tomcat libs folder.

  3. Install the JDBC driver.

  4. Using the SQL Server Management Studio, execute the following commands:

    CREATE DATABASE serena_ra;

    USE serena_ra;

    CREATE LOGIN serena_ra WITH PASSWORD = 'password';

    CREATE USER serena_ra FOR LOGIN serena_ra WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = serena_ra;

    CREATE SCHEMA serena_ra AUTHORIZATION serena_ra;

    GRANT ALL TO serena_ra;

  5. Begin server installation, see Server Installation.

  6. Select the SQL Server database option in the installer.

  7. Provide your SQL Server database details:

MS SQL Server Database Installation Details table

Field Description
JDBC driver jar filename Browse to and select the JDBC driver jar file you downloaded in step 2.
JDBC driver class The default value is:
Database connection string The format depends on the JDBC driver. Typically, it is similar to: jdbc:sqlserver://[DB_URL]:[DB_PORT];databaseName=[DB_NAME] For example, jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=Serena Release Automation
User Database username. The default is serena_ra.
Password and Confirm password Database username password, and re-entry for confirmation.