Switch Steps and Conditional Processes

Every connection (except connections from the Start step) has a delete tool and conditional flag. The conditional flag enables you to set a condition on a connection. The condition refers to the processing status of the originating step–success or failure. Possible flag conditions are:


The process completed successfully.


The process did not finish successfully.


Accept either status.

By default, all connections have the flag set to checked (true), meaning the originating step must successfully end processing before the target step starts processing.

To change a flag's value, cycle through possible values by clicking the flag.

Process with Switch Step

Process with Switch Step

A switch step is a utility step supplied by Serena Release Automation that enables process branching based on the value of a property set on the step. The accompanying figure illustrates a switch step. In this case, the switch property is version.name. The connections from the switch step represent process branches dependent on the value of version.name. In this example, regardless of which branch is taken, the process will proceed to the Run WLDeploy step.


Run WLDeploy has success and fail conditions. See Plug-ins for information about configuring specific steps.


If a step has multiple connections that eventually reach the same target step, determining whether the target will execute depends on the value of the intervening flags. If all of the intervening connections have success flags, the target will only process if all the steps are successful. If the intervening connections consist of an assortment of success and fail flags, the target will process the first time one of these connections is used.

For a process to succeed, execution must reach a Finish step. If it does not end with Finish, the process will fail every time.