Running Multiple Instances of SERSERVC

You can run multiple instances of SERSERVC if needed. For example, you may want to run a development HTTP server and a production HTTP server. Each instance must have its own directory and a unique port.

To run another instance of the HTTP server:

Here are examples of JCL segments for a production system and a development system.

Production SERSERVC example:


//SERSERVC JOB MSGLEVEL=1                                       

//STARTING EXEC SERSERVC                                        

XXSERSERVC PROC OUTC=H,                             * CLASS     

XX             PORT=8188,                           * PORT      

XX             PATH='/u/serstart/serservc', * PATH



Development SERSERVC example:


//SERSERVD JOB MSGLEVEL=1                                     

//STARTING EXEC SERSERVD                                      

XXSERSERVD PROC OUTC=H,                             * CLASS   

XX             PORT=6157,                           * PORT    

XX             PATH='/u/sernet/serservc', * PATH