Specifying Providers to Use

Once you have defined the login information for the providers in separate properties files, you tell Serena Release Manager which providers you want to use by specifying those properties file names in the providers properties file.

You can select one or more providers for each of the types of objects.

To specify the providers:

  1. Navigate to the Serena Release Manager common Tomcat Web server classes folder. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\6.0\webapps\rlm\WEB-INF\classes

  2. Open the providers.properties file.

  3. Set appropriate provider keys variable to the provider value or values that you want Serena Release Manager to use. This is the first node of the file name you used for the properties file you updated in Designating the Details for Each DU Provider.


This example shows providers selected for each of the object types, RFCs, BCRs, DCRs (requests), and DUs. The bold text indicates the specific provider key for deployment units.


# requests provider keys



# deploy units provider keys

deploy.units.providers.keys=dm_qlarius, zmf_packages


# rfc provider keys



# bcr provider keys


In the preceding example,

deploy.units.providers.keys = dm_qlarius, zmf_packages

tells Serena Release Manager to use the dm_qlarius.properties file and the zmf_packages.properties file for DUs



tells Serena Release Manager to use the itsm.properties file for RFCs



tells Serena Release Manager to use the bcr.properties file for BCRs


requests.providers.keys = sbm_issues

tells Serena Release Manager to use the sbm_issues.properties file for DCRs

For details on configuring the corresponding properties files, see the following: