New Serena Release Control Systems

Before you install Serena Release Control, make sure you have the required installation of SBM. See Installing Serena Business Manager.

The Serena Release Control installer copies necessary files to the SBM installation directory path. The files copied include the Java war files, the SBM solution file, and user interface shell files. After the installation, you must import and configure the SBM solution to complete the Serena Release Control installation as documented in System Activation and Configuration.

Serena Release Control runs using the Serena Common Web server, which is an Apache Tomcat Web server. The Serena Release Control installer detects whether the Serena Common Web server is already installed, and if so, will use the existing occurrence.

The Serena Release Control installer automatically installs and configures the Serena Release Control Apache Tomcat Web server to run on the default port of 9095. If this port is already in use by another application on your server, or if you already have an instance of the Serena Common Web server running on a different port on this server, please see Configuring Release Manager to Use a Different Port for port customization options.

To install Serena Release Control:

  1. If you downloaded electronic media, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installation files and run the installer executable, Release Control.exe. 


    If you received Serena Release Manager installation files on physical media, run index.htm and from the Serena Release Manager installer Installation Components page, click Serena Release Control: Powered by SBM.

    The Welcome page appears.

  2. Click Next.

    The License Agreement page appears.

  3. Confirm and click Next.

    The Destination Folder page appears.

  4. Optionally click Change to change the target location for the installation.

  5. Click Next.

    The Setup Type page appears.

  6. Click Next.

    The Configuration Details page appears.

    After a short pause, the installer displays whether a valid version of SBM and the Serena Release Control common Apache Tomcat Web server are installed. It installs the common Tomcat Web server if needed.

  7. Click Next.

    The Install page appears.

  8. Click Install.

    A page appears informing you files are being copied. After a short time, a Completed page appears.

    Optionally select Show the Windows Installer log.

    The installation log file appears. You can navigate to this file later to view installation details, for example for troubleshooting purposes. The default location for the file is:


  9. Click Finish.

The installer creates the following file and folders under the Serena Release Control installation directory path. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\Solutions\Release Control\

\solution (contains the solution file)

\war (contains the war files)

The installer does the following automatically: