Dimensions CM Connection Details Dialog

The Dimensions CM Connections Details dialog box can be launched in Edit mode or in Create mode. From the Log in to Dimensions CM dialog box, click the Create Create_Button.gifbutton or the Edit Edit_Button.gifbutton.



Definition name

Enter a name for the connection definition. (This field is static in Edit mode.)

User Credentials

Choose this options to login by entering a user ID.

Smart Card

Choose this option if logging in using a smart card.


If logging in using a smart card, select or browse to choose the certificate.

User ID

If logging in using credentials, enter a user ID.


Enter the network name of the system that hosts the Dimensions server.

DB Name

Enter the name of the Dimensions database.

DB Connection

Enter the database connection that you will connect to on the server.

Use automatic log in if available check box

Select to be prompted to enable auto log in at the next log in attempt. This option is available only if auto log in is permitted on the server.

OK button

Click to save your changes.

Managing Connections to Dimensions CM

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