Editing an Existing Connection

To edit an existing connection:

  1. If it is not already visible, open the Serena Explorer view by selecting View | Serena Explorer.

  2. Click the Connect button . The Log in to Dimensions dialog box appears.

  3. Select the connection and click the Edit button.

  4. If smart card support is enabled, choose the type of login under System. This can be either User Credentials or Smart Card.

  5. If you are logging in using standard user credentials, enter the following:

  6. If you are using a smart card to log in, enter the smart card certificate in the Certificate field.

  7. Under Dimensions, enter the following:

  8. Select the Use automatic log in if available check box to enable automatic log in, which bypasses the Log in to Dimensions dialog box. This option is available only if it has been enabled by your administrator.

    NOTE  This option is only available after you first log in.

  9. Click OK.

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