Change Requests Domain Model

The following model illustrates the different types of change requests implemented by Serena Demand Management, and describes the relationships between request types.


This model describes the following types of change request.

A business change request is submitted and managed at the project level. This may be a request for a new project, a defect, or an enhancement request. You can learn more about the project domain model here: "Projects Domain Model" on page 11.

A development change request describes work to be completed by development staff. It may be based on a business change request, a new requirement, or both. Development change requests can be broken down into stories and tasks. Stories describe the expected user experience, and tasks describe the actual work to be completed. Tasks can then be assigned to specific developers. For more on development change requests, see Chapter 5, "Development Management Domain Model" on page 27.

An ops change request is a request submitted into service management, to be reviewed and managed by IT ops staff. For more on ops change requests, see Chapter 3, "Service Management Domain Model" on page 17.