Projects Domain Model

Projects SBM Workflow

Projects are implemented in SBM with the following workflow:


In this default workflow, project states include:

  1. Inception: During this state, the Project Manager creates the project.

  2. Elaboration: During this state, enhancement requests and defects are collected and prioritized. Business requirements may be submitted as well. Changes requests are prioritized and the final scope is agreed to. The project is approved.

  3. Construction: Development work may be organized into sprints and user stories, if the team uses Agile development methodology. Development tasks are created and related to the requests. The tasks are assigned to developers to implement. Developers work on the tasks, storing new versions of files in their configuration management system (such as Dimensions CM). Regular builds are compiled and installed for testing, and requests are assigned to QA to test. Once all of the requests have been implemented, the Development Manager can transition the project to the next state.

  4. Transition: During this state, QA perform robust testing of the completed product or features, recording defects as they find them. Working from test plans, QA executes test cases. QA submits defects to the Change Request process app, and the defects are assigned to developers to fix. QA validates fixes and closes defects as they are resolved. the finished product is prepared for release. The final builds are collected and packaged for deployment. Once the project has been released, the project can move to the final state.

  5. Complete.