Rescheduling an uncompleted task

Sometimes you will need to reschedule a task (and often a task that has not been finished). To do this, you can use the Update Projects dialog box to set a new start date for a task. If the task has not been started (i.e., if the task is 0% complete), the task will be moved so that it starts on a specified date. If the task has been started (i.e., if the task is 1-99% complete), the task will be split, leaving the completed portion of the task in the task plan schedule and moving the uncompleted portion of the task so that it can resume on a specified date. You cannot reschedule a task that is 100% complete.

To reschedule an uncompleted task

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Task Plan tab.
  4. In the Task Plan view, select the Tracking menu.
  5. Click Update Project.
  6. In the Update Project dialog box, select Reschedule Uncompleted Work to Start After.
  7. Select the date to which you want the task start date to be updated or the date upon which a split task will be resumed.
  8. Click OK.
  9. tsk_to_reschedule_an_uncompleted_task