Finding a document

Use the search feature to find a document. Searches rely on a document's file name, but can also look for keywords, titles, and descriptions. Search does not look within the text of a document.

To find a document

  1. Open the Projects, Reports, Workspace, or Customization modules.
  2. Click Search in the toolbar.
  3. In the Search dialog box, type the string for which you want to search.
  4. Select the Name attribute.
  5. For Match, select any word to have the search results include any of the text you typed or select all words to have the search results include all of the text you typed. To search for a specific phrase, put quotation marks around the word(s) for which you are searching.
  6. From the Display drop-down, select Documents.
  7. Click Advanced to set up a more detailed search, including defining rules, searching by keyword, title, and description, and selected items.