Editing item template global properties

You can define the security settings for all templates from the Global Template Properties dialog. You can determine who has access to the templates and what they can do with the templates. The security settings for templates, security groups, or users are assigned to specific security roles. The security roles determine the permissions the members of a security group or individual users have for the templates. The Global Template Properties dialog has two views, the simple view and the advanced view. When you open the Global Template Properties dialog, the page defaults to the simple view. To open the advanced view, click the Advanced link on the page. To return to the simple view, click the Simple link in the advanced view. There are two ways you can assign security groups and/or users to security roles. You can assign security groups and/or users to security roles by individual group or user, or by security role. In the simple view, you can only assign security groups and/or users to security roles by group or user. In the advanced view you can assign by group, user, or security role. It is best practice to assign most of your users to security roles using security groups, instead of individually assigning each of your users to security roles. Using groups simplifies the tracking and managing of security role permissions for users.

To edit item template global properties

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. In the items tree, right-click and select Manage Templates.
  3. In the Manage Templates dialog box, select Global Properties.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Click Save Save.