Assigning yourself to a work item

You can assign yourself to a work item. Self-assignment is useful when you need to report time for work performed that is outside of scheduled context or when you are asked to perform work that was not originally assigned to you.

To assign yourself to a work item

  1. Open the Workspace module.
  2. Select the My Timesheet tab.
  3. On the view toolbar, click Assignments.
  4. In the under Assignments dialog box, click the Work Items tab, depending on the type of work to which you are self-assigning. The first time you use the under Assignments dialog box, there will not be any assignments listed. In subsequent visits, existing assignments are pre-populated.
  5. Click the Investment Browse button.
  6. In the Select Investments dialog box, select an investment and click OK.
  7. Select an item from the search results or from the tree, and then click OK.
  8. Select a work item to which you want to assign yourself and in the Assigned column, click Add.
  9. Click Save Save.