Adding time to your timesheet

Enter time for assignments. When you are reporting time against a task, you can mark the task complete, at which point you can still submit time against that task on the current timesheet; tasks marked as resource complete do not appear for users in subsequent timesheet periods. If your organization has enabled a timesheet status approval policy, you will see the status approval icon on your timesheet. This allows your project manager to track the time spent on a task separately from the actual completion status. A project manager also has the ability to mark a task that is assigned to you as complete. This may restrict you from entering time against that task, even within the current timesheet period and even if you have outstanding time to submit.

To add time to your timesheet

  1. Open the Investments, Workspace, or Resources modules.
  2. Select the Timesheets tab (if in the Investments or Resources modules) or My Timesheet views (if in the Workspace module).
  3. In the Assignment column, select a task or activity.
  4. Click the cell for the date you want to submit time against.
  5. Enter the number of hours.
  6. Click Submit.