Adding a resource allocation

A resource allocation is when you make a resource available for work on an item. He or she can be allocated to a work item, task-based item, or activity-based item. For task-based items, the user needs to be allocated to the item before he or she can be assigned to a task.

The Allocation Editor is a dialog box that is accessible from the Projects module's Tasks and Team Roster tabs. This tool enables project managers to use a single interface to allocate both named and generic resources to an item.

The Allocation Editor provides you with more complete view into an item's resource allocations. For example, when building the initial project team, you can add and remove named and generic resources in the editor, change the mix, swap out resources, and essentially look at the overall project team before actually committing the allocations. No new allocations are saved in the system until you click OK in the Allocation Editor.

When you open the Allocation Editor after allocations have been made to an item, the existing allocations are pre-populated. Some modifications can be made to existing allocations using the Allocation Editor. Existing allocations can also be deleted, provided that no assignments have been made to the allocated user resource.

To add a resource allocation

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Team Roster tab.
  4. Click New Allocation.
  5. In the Resource Allocation dialog box, select a resource from the Resource drop-down.
  6. From the Investment drop-down, select the item to which the generic allocation will be made. In the Select Investments dialog box, choose the item and click OK.
  7. From the Role on Investment drop-down, select the resource role you want to associate with the allocation.
  8. From the Status drop-down, indicate whether the generic allocation is Proposed or Committed.
  9. Click Plus to define how much and when a resource will be allocated. For each resource allocation, define the percentage of full time (% FTE), the start and finish dates for the allocation, and any comments specific to the allocation. (Click Delete Delete to remove a resource allocation definition.)
  10. Click Rates to define the rates associated with the allocation.
  11. Click OK.