This table contains the information about all the valid list items defined in the system.

Column Data Type Description
li_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID.
li_Name nvarchar(50) The display name of the list item.
lst_UID int The ID of the list in which this item appears. This is the list value stored in the PES_List table.
li_Precedence int The display order of items in a list. When you select from a list drop-down, the list items appear in the order specified.
li_IsOrphan int An orphan item is a list item that is no longer valid for selection in a list drop-down.
PES_List and PES_ListItem contain information about lists and their respective items. When you remove a list item, it becomes orphaned. Attributes which referred to this value continue to keep it, but the list item is no longer selectable in drop downs throughout. For example:
SELECT * FROM PES_List lst JOIN PES_ListItem li ON li.lst_UID = lst.lst_UID WHERE li.li_IsOrphan = 1