This table contains type information for the dimensions defined in the system.

Column Data Type Description
dim_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID. Many other tables reference this field.
dim_XMLName nvarchar(32) The unique name of the dimension, such as Plan. When using macros, you will reference custom dimensioned attributes by this field.
dim_Name nvarchar(50) The friendly name of a particular dimension. It can be (and often is) the same as the dim_XMLName.
dim_Locked bit A locked dimension cannot accept new attribute values in screens or operations.
Tables in the database which refer to a dimension use the dim_UID for the reference key. However, when specifying a custom dimensioned attribute in a macro, you will use the dim_XMLName, which is usually much more readable. When an attribute is dimensioned, you must reference the dimension when retrieving the value via a macro. For example: