This table contains type information for the attributes defined in the system.

Column Data Type Description
att_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID. Many other tables reference this field.
att_XMLName nvarchar(50) Each attribute has a unique name which can be used to identify it. When using macros, you will reference custom attributes by this field.
att_Name nvarchar(50) The friendly name of a particular attribute. The View Designer view gets its default label name from this attribute.
att_IsDimensioned bit Specifies whether an attribute is dimensioned.
att_IsCalculated bit Specifies whether an attribute derives its value from a calculation.
lst_UID int Specifies whether the attribute is mapped to a list. When mapped to a list, this value will be the unique ID of a list from the PES_List table.
atype_UID int Specifies the data type of the attribute based on the PES_AttributeType table.

Tables in the database that refer to an attribute use the att_UID for the reference key. However, when specifying a custom attribute in a macro, use the att_XMLName, which is usually much more readable. When an attribute is dimensioned, you must reference the dimension when retrieving the value via a macro.

SELECT att_UID, att_IsDimensioned, att_XMLName FROM PES_Attribute