Reconcile Now

You can use the Reconcile Now action to refresh all of the labor attribute maps associated with a single work item (and any child work item). After the labor attribute maps are refreshed, additional recalculations will be performed for any calculated attribute that includes a mapped attribute and for any calculated attribute that is affected by any of the refreshed or recalculated data.

Users will be locked out until this operation completes. Because of labor intensive nature of this process, and its effect on all other users, this type of action should be done as a regular, nightly job that is scheduled in the Scheduled Services tab in the System Settings module.

Refreshing labor attribute maps

Refreshing labor attribute maps updates allocation, assignment, and timesheet data in the selected work item (and any child work item). Refreshing attribute maps can be a lengthy process (and should be done as a scheduled job). During a refresh operation, any work item in the work item heirarchy will not be accessible.

To refresh labor attribute maps
  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. In the work item tree, select a work item, right-click and choose Reconcile Now.
  3. In the Refresh Labor Attributes dialog box, click Yes. A large hierarchy may take a long time to refresh.