A successor is a task that has its schedule determined by another task (a predecessor). The default link type for all links between tasks is finish-to-start (FS).

The format for identifying a successor task in the Successors column is Task ID[Dependency Type][Lag duration or percent]. ID identifies the predecessor task's position in the task plan. The amount of lag time for the dependency (if a negative number) or lead time (if a positive number) is shown as a duration or a percent. For example, a successor task with a finish-to-start dependency and a lead time of 50% would be formatted as 5FS50%; a successor task with the same task and dependency type, but with a lag of 2 days would be formatted as 5FS-2d. When a task has more than one dependency, a semi-colon is used to separate them. For example, 5FS50%;5FF-2d.