Item Management Types

This section provides detailed descriptions of Serena Agile Web service arguments. The arguments are the request parameters that can be used by Item Management Web service operations. The arguments listed here contain one or more parameters, which make up the data being sent to the Web service. The parameters listed in each argument are either simple or complex types themselves. If the type is complex, a link to further detail of that type will be provided in the Type column.

The following table lists all supported arguments in alphabetical order, followed by a brief description of each type. Select an argument to view detailed information including:





Represents an attribute that is set for an item.


Represents a work item and the attributes set on it.


Represents an item and the attributes set on it.


Represents a set of changes that have been made to attributes of a work item.


Represents a filter rule to use selecting work items.


Represents a mapping between an item in Serena Agile and another application, such as Serena Business Mashups.


Represents a set of mappings that associate items in Serena Agile and Serena Business Mashups.


Represents a mapping that associates an Id in Serena Agile to an Id in another application, such as Serena Business Mashups.