Configuring the REST Grid Widgets

In SBM Composer, in a Visual Design layout REST Grid widget, you can get data directly from Deployment Automation REST services.

To configure the REST grid widget in SBM Composer:

  1. In the REST grid widget, in the Configure URL dialog, provide the REST service method URL and add the composerMode=true request parameter.

    For example:


  2. If the given Deployment Automation GET REST service method supports Composer Mode, a sample JSON with returned property names will appear in the Result tab. These do not include real data, but are the JSON structure.
  3. In the Result tab, pick the corresponding property names to construct your REST grid widget columns.
  4. When you have finished picking the property names to construct your columns, change the REST service method URL composerMode parameter to false.

    For example:


  5. Turn on SSO authentication.
  6. Deploy the process app.
  7. Verify the information in the SBM process app's user workspace.
The REST service methods that support Composer Mode are given in the following topic.