Upload files to a version


da-client [global-args...] [global-flags...] 
addVersionFiles [args...]


-component, ––component
   Optional. Name/ID of the component (Only required if not using version ID)
-version, ––version
   Required. Name/ID of the version
-base, ––base
   Required. Local base directory for upload. 
   All files inside this will be sent.
-offset, ––offset
   Optional. Target path offset (the directory in the version files 
   to which these files should be added)
 -include, --include
   Optional. An include file pattern for selecting files to add (may be
 -exclude, --exclude
   Optional. An exclude file pattern for excluding files (may be
   repeated). Overrides includes.
 -saveExecuteBits, --saveExecuteBits
   Optional. Saves execute bits for files.