Plugins at Run-time

Component processes are run by agents installed in the target environment. For a process to run successfully, the agent must have access to all resources, tools, and files required by the plugin steps used in the process. When installing an agent, ensure that:

Getting Help

As you use plugins within the processes, point to the ? icon beside the properties fields to see a short description of each property.

See the Deployment Automation User's Guide for information on designing processes.

See the Deployment Automation Integration Guide for information on creating custom plugins.

If you require documentation for a plugin beyond that provided in the plugin itself and in the Deployment Automation documentation, please check the Community website and the Knowledgebase.

For additional help, please follow your usual Support procedures.

Important: The plugin steps specified in the Deployment Automation processes often require pre-existing conditions, such as existing accounts, licenses, security, and login credentials. You should consult the integrating products' documentation for information on how to configure and use the integrating software.