Run Application Process Step

This step runs an application process.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Application Name

The name of the application.

Application Process Name The name of the process to run.
Environment Name The environment on which this process will run.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Snapshot Name

If you are using a snapshot, enter its name here.

Only Changed Versions Check this if you want to install only changed versions.
Component Versions If you are not using a snapshot, enter component versions here. Each component-version pair should be on a separate line. Separate each component and version number with a colon. For example: My Component:2.5
Application Process Request Properties Properties to pass to the application process request.
Wait For Application Process To Finish Check this if you want this step to wait until the application process finishes. If selected, the result of this step will be the result of the application process (success or failure).