NetScaler Check Service Group Bindings Step

This step checks the status of servers bound to a given service group.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Server URL URL to the NetScaler appliance. This is the IP or domain name of the appliance including the protocol and port number, such as or The default value is ${p:environment/NetScaler/serverURL}.
Username Username to login to the NetScaler appliance
Password Password to login to the NetScaler appliance
Allowed States A comma separated list of allowed states for service group members
Service Group Name Name of the service group
Timeout (seconds) Specify the time to wait until the specified service groups reach the expected status. Set to 0 to check only once; the default value is 0.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Allow untrusted certificates Establish an HTTPS connection even if the certificate is not signed by any of the issuing authorities.