Uninstalling Agents

You can inactivate agents and delete them from servers through the web application. However, if you want to completely uninstall the agent files from an agent machine, you can uninstall as follows.

For Windows

Run the following interactive uninstaller executable in the installation path _uninst subdirectory as a Windows local system user. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Deployment Automation Agent\_uninst\uninstaller.exe

For UNIX/Linux

The uninstall process for UNIX/Linux agents is manual.

To uninstall a UNIX/Linux agent:

  1. Stop and kill all agent processes as follows:
    1. Stop the agent:
      1. Navigate to the installation directory core/bin subdirectory. For example:

        cd /opt/Micro \ Focus/Deployment \ Automation \ Agent/core/bin

      2. Source the agent service executable using the stop parameter. For example:

        ./sraagent stop

    2. Find the process IDs and kill them. Typically there are two processes, although the previous step should have stopped them.
      1. Enter a command to list any processes of the name Deployment Automation Agent. For example:

        ps -ef | grep "Deployment Automation Agent"

      2. If you find any processes running for Deployment Automation Agent, enter the command to kill each process using the corresponding process ID.

        kill <pid>

  2. Once the agent processes are stopped and killed, remove the following directories:
    1. Installation files: /opt/Micro \ Focus/Deployment Automation Agent
    2. Inventory files (if found): /tmp/microfocus/var/
    3. Temp install files (if found): /tmp/da_agent_install