Navigation Tips

New or occasional users may find the following tips helpful as you navigate the user interface.

Navigation Point Resolution
When you're in the process editor, you click other options but the process editor still shows on the screen. You must click the x in the upper right of the page beside the other controls to close the process editor before you can continue navigation to other options. See Designing Component Processes.
When you click View Details for an application environment, the page won't open. If the click is released too slowly, the page sometimes doesn't open. If a quick single-click won't work, try double-clicking. See Application Environments.
You clicked a link after you ran a process request, and now can't get back to the page that shows the process results. For information on viewing process request information, see Viewing an Application Process Request and Viewing a Component Process Request.
You can't find the option to map a component to a resource. You map components to resources for each application environment to which the component is to be deployed. See Mapping Application Components to Resources.
You can't find the option to map an agent to an environment. You map agents to environments at the global level in the environment Resources tab. See Mapping Agents and other Resources to Environments.
You can't find the page that shows the environments graphically so that you can configure them. The environments are shown graphically in the application they are associated with. See Adding Environments to Applications.
You can't find a way to promote or rerun a process in an environment that is part of a pipeline. If your pipeline is configured for auto promote and a process fails in one of the environments, you must run the process again for the pipeline, starting with the first environment. See Ways of Deploying.
You can't find the replication import and export options. Select any Administration page, such as System. Expand the Action drop-down in the upper right of the page. There you will see the Replication options.

See Replication.

Note: The replication options are not available from the drop-down selection on the left side of the page.