The CommonIntegrator Lifecycle

The CommonIntegrator lifecycle has the following major phases that always occur in the given order:

  1. getNextVersionInfo

    The server queries CommonIntegrator for the list of all available versions using VersionInfo. If there are any version parameters for CommonIntegrator, they are passed as properties during the getNextVersionInfo call.

  2. downloadVersionContent

    The server goes through all the returned VersionInfo objects and downloads content for each of them by calling the downloadVersionContent method. It is your responsibility to download the version into the provided location. Failing to do so may result in the creation of empty versions. You must process versions properly when Copy to CodeStation is selected and when it is deselected.

  3. Implicit Clean-up (automatically done by the server)

    The server puts all the provided content into CodeStation and performs clean-up on the downloaded folder if necessary.

The server guarantees that versions cannot be imported concurrently for the same component on the same server node.