Managing Network Relays

Network relays can be used in multiple-server configurations to manage the communication between servers, and are used in high availability, active-active server implementations. For configuring server to agent communication for either agent- or server-initiated communication of HTTP communication, you should use agent relays.

To create and configure a network relay, see Configuring Agents for High Availability (Alternate).

Click the Filter Network Relays filter to see the network relays in the Relays page list.

Note: The behavior of agent and network relays changed in version 5.1.5 of Deployment Automation. Ensure you are using the correct version of the documentation for your version of Deployment Automation. If you are using a Deployment Automation server of version 5.1.5 or later, ensure all agent relays are upgraded to version 5.1.5 or later.

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