downloadVersionContent Method

The downloadVersionContent method downloads the artifact content after the version information has been obtained by a getNextVersionInfo method call.

downloadVersionContent takes VersionInfo and File objects as parameters.

This method extracts the information from VersionInfo and starts working on generating artifacts. Since the clean-up operation is handled implicitly, you must use processingDirectoryLocation for all of the processing so that the contents of that location are cleaned and deleted after the download version processing is done. If you use a location other than processingDirectoryLocation, the server does not guarantee the creation of a version. processingDirectoryLocation is provided as part of the integration in the server side code. As an implementer, you must put all of your artifacts in this location.

public void downloadVersionContent(VersionInfo versionInfo, 
      File processingDirectoryLocation) throws Exception {
      SomeClient client = new SomeClient();
            // The below code will process and download the artifacts 
            // under processingDirectoryLocation File Object.