Compiling and Loading Custom Source Configuration Types

After you have created a Java class that implements CommonIntegrator with downloadVersionContent and getNextVersionInfo methods, you are ready to compile and generate the custom source configuration type jar file.

Compiling and Generating the Jar File

Using a build tool such as one included in your Java IDE, compile the code and generate the jar file.

Loading into Deployment Automation

After you have compiled and generated the jar file, you are ready to load the source configuration type into Deployment Automation and try it out.

You must have the Manage Custom Source Config Types server role to load custom source configuration types. See Server Roles and System Security.

To load a custom source configuration type:

  1. In the Deployment Automation UI, navigate to Administration > Automation.
  2. In the selection box, select Source Config Types.
  3. Click the Load Source Config Type button.
  4. Click Choose File and select the jar file you generated.
  5. Click Load.

After they are successfully loaded, custom source configuration types appear in the Source Config Type list and you can click the name link to view more information.


After a source configuration type jar file is loaded into the system, it is copied to the profile directory. The default location is <profile_location>/var/plugins/source/custom. By default for Windows this is:


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