Sonatype Nexus Properties

The Sonatype Nexus source configuration type has the following fields and options:

Property Name Description
Server URL (Mandatory) Enter the base URL and port for the Nexus server, for example: http://localhost:8081
User Name Enter name of a Nexus user.
Password Enter the password for the Nexus user.
Repository (Mandatory) Enter the name of the Nexus repository.
Nexus Component Specify the name of the component Nexus to be imported. Use this property when you have multiple Nexus components in the same repository, such as NPM repositories.
Component Group Specify the group ID of the component to which the assets belong. In Maven repositories uses Java package name rules, for example: org.apache.maven
Import folders as versions Folders with subfiles will be imported as separate versions. Applies to repository types that do not have specific versions, for example, 'raw'.
Import all new versions
  • Selected: all missing versions will be imported during the next import.
  • Cleared: only the latest version will be imported.
Include files Specify file patterns to upload. The wildcard ** includes every directory and * includes every file. For example, the pattern dist/**/* retrieves the entire file tree under the dist directory.
Exclude files Specify file patterns to exclude from uploads.
Preserve Execute Permissions File execution permissions are saved with imported files.
Import Versions Automatically The source will be polled periodically for new versions.
Quiet Period The time period (in minutes) in which no polling is done. The quiet period starts after the last polling period that detected changes.

Default: not enabled

Polling Period Enter the polling interval (in seconds).

Default: system settings value

Copy to CodeStation Artifacts will be copied from the source into the server's CodeStation repository. Artifacts can be retrieved during deployments.
Use Latest Component Properties for Version Download When component version artifacts are downloaded, the properties set for the associated component at the time of the download are used instead of the properties set when the version was created.

Note: the component version properties are always the same as when the version was created.

Default Version Type (Mandatory) Select the default version import type:
  • Full
  • Incremental
Inherit Cleanup Settings This environment will inherit the version clean up configuration from the settings of each component or the system.