Creating Environments

You can create environments or import existing ones. See Importing/Exporting Environments for information about importing environments.

To create an environment:

  1. Navigate to Management > Environments.
  2. Click the Environments Actions button and then select Create Environment.
  3. Enter the information needed to create the environment as follows:
    Field Description
    Name Enter the name according to the typical use of the environment. For example, if this represents your system integration testing environment, you could use the name SIT.
    Description Enter an optional description.
    Color Select a color to visually identify the environment in the user interface.
    Auto-select for Export If this is selected, this environment will be added to the selection list during a replication export. It can be manually removed from the selection list before export if needed.
  4. To continue creating environments and stay in the list, click Save. To start configuring the environment you just created, click Build Out.

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