Maintaining Versions Externally

If you deselect Copy to CodeStation for a component, this tells Deployment Automation to maintain the full versions for that component only in the integrating source configuration tool.

If you do this, the version management for the component is limited as follows:

To ensure better performance, versions that are not stored in CodeStation are cached in local storage in the server profile. By default, versions are kept in local storage for 24 hours, and then deleted. When a new download request is initiated, the server checks local storage first and provides the content from there if it is found. Otherwise, the server downloads the version and puts it in local storage. If needed, you can change the cache time as follows:

  1. Navigate to your Deployment Automation server profile directory. For example:




  2. Modify the da_config.xml to set the scheduledTimeInHRS property to the time you want the local storage cache to be retained. For example:

If you decide to select Copy to CodeStation after previously deselecting, Deployment Automation begins copying the full version into CodeStation. The inventory maintains its integrity.

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