An Implementation of the CommonIntegrator Interface

Custom source configuration types must implement the CommonIntegrator interface, as shown in bold in the following example.

package com.microfocus.da.sct.samples;

import com.microfocus.da.sct.annotations.SourceConfigTypeConfig;
import com.microfocus.da.sct.annotations.SourceConfigTypeParam;
import com.microfocus.da.sct.dtos.VersionInfo;
import com.microfocus.da.sct.interfaces.CommonIntegrator;
import com.microfocus.da.sct.interfaces.ComponentInfo;
import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils;

import java.util.*;

 * Custom File System Versioned SCT
@SourceConfigTypeConfig(name="Sample File System (Versioned)", versionNumber = "1.0", description = "Sample Source Config type for connecting File System (Versioned) repositories")
public class FileSystemVersioned implements CommonIntegrator {

  <more example code here ...>


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