Reconfiguring Server Installation Settings

If you need to reconfigure server settings for any reason, you can reconfigure them using the following procedure. For example, you may need to use this procedure if you specified the wrong connection information when you installed Deployment Automation.

To reconfigure the server settings:

  1. Stop the application server where Deployment Automation is installed.
  2. Navigate to the directory or folder where the web application is installed. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\conf

  3. Backup the contents of the following file:

  4. Edit the file installLocation line to delete the path that follows the equal sign. You should have just the following on that line.


    There is another file in the profile directory, so make sure you are only changing the one in the user interface server directory structure.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Start the application server.
  7. Enter the URL for the Deployment Automation user interface. For example:


    The configuration panel should appear instead of the login page.

  8. Enter the server settings as follows:
    Setting Description

    Install Location

    The path to the program installation location. For example:





    External Web URL

    Specify the URL on which agents will be able to reach the server.

    Agent Port

    Specify the port on which agents will make JMS connections to the server.

    Agent Mutual Authentication

    Specify whether to use agent mutual authentication.

    Skip DB Install

    Do not install the database schema or seed data as part of the install. Select this if installing to a second or more server in a clustered installation.

    Database Vendor

    Select the database vendor. For example, Derby.

    Note: For example settings for all supported database selections, see the example settings used in Silent Mode Agent Installation.

    Derby Port

    The port that Derby should use for database connections

    Database User

    The user name to use to connect to the database

    Database Password

    The password to use to connect to the database

    Confirm Database Password

    Confirm the password to be used by the Deployment Automation administrator.

    Administrator User

    The user name to be used by the Deployment Automation administrator

    Administrator Password

    The password to be used by the Deployment Automation administrator

    Confirm Administrator Password

    Confirm the password to be used by the Deployment Automation administrator.

  9. Click Install.
After you have saved the configuration settings, Deployment Automation detects that the configuration file exists and does not prompt you for them when the user interface is invoked.

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