Installing Additional Servers

Install additional servers (servers 2 through n) for a high availability (active-active) implementation as follows:

  1. If installing on Unix/Linux, make sure you have mounted the network share with the Deployment Automation profile as follows:
    1. Open the /etc/fstab file for editing.
    2. Add a line for your profile share. For example:
      //serverName/Temp/sharedProfile /mnt/localProfileDir cifs _netdev, 
      password=password,noserverino 0 0
    3. Save the file.
  2. Run the installer and set the Server Install Location field to the shared Deployment Automation profile.
  3. Select the Use existing settings option so that the installation will use the same database as the first server installation.
  4. Update the Common Tomcat set environment file as follows:
    1. Navigate to the Common Tomcat path bin directory. For example:

      C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\bin

    2. Edit setenv.bat for Windows or for Unix/Linux.
    3. Find the line JAVA_OPTS=... for Windows or CATALINA_OPTS=... for Unix/Linux and add the following property to it:


      where <ip_servern> is the IP address of the second or nth server

    4. Restart Common Tomcat on all servers.
  5. Install agents as described in High Availability Configurations.