Viewing the Environment Inventory

Select an application in the Deployment > Inventory page to see the inventory information for each environment associated with the application.

The following figure shows the Inventory page with an application selected.


  1. Click Resources to get a quick view of the resources associated with the environment. From there you can click View Resources to open the resources tab for the environment.
  2. Compare the inventories of up to four environments.
  3. Use the search box to narrow the display to those components you are interested in viewing.
  4. View the components and latest compliant version of each component. Click a component name to open the page for that component.
  5. Click the version name to go to the component version's Artifacts tab, where you can view and download the artifacts for this version.
  6. See whether each environment is compliant. An environment is compliant if the last requested processes were successfully executed in that environment.

This is a subset of the information shown on the application's Environments page. For more details, see Application Environments.