Advanced Inventory Management

When you create an application process, if you set the Inventory Management field to Advanced, an additional step appears in the Process Editor Component / Process window called Inventory Update. You can use this step to implement manual inventory management for application processes.

The options for the Inventory Update step are as follows:

By managing your own inventory, you can control the compliancy of the inventory on the environments based on success or failure of the deployment process. For example, if you are trying to install a specific version of the component and the deployment fails, you can remove that component from the inventory, so that it isn't added and the environment becomes non-compliant. If it is successful, you can add the desired component version to the inventory and the environment remains compliant.

If you use automatic inventory management, for a failed step, the inventory won't be updated, but the environment will remain compliant. For a successful step, both types of inventory management update the inventory and the environment remains compliant.

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