Defining Statuses

You can pre-define implementation-specific inventory, component version, and snapshot status values and subsequently use them to do the following:

To add status values, navigate to Administration > Automation, and then in the selection box, select Statuses. Add values as needed for your implementation.

Each status has a required name and several optional values, as described in the following table:

Status Attributes Table

Value Description
Name Identifies the status; appears in user-interface. Used to create gates, and available in process steps.
Color Hexadecimal color definition; determines the color displayed in the user interface.
Unique Boolean value (true|false). Only one component version with this status/attribute will be deployed to the environment.
Required Component Role Security role required by user to add this status to the component version.
Note: While you can add as many values as you like, you cannot create new status types. Only Inventory, Version, and Snapshot status types are supported.
Note: Process completion status is built in and cannot be changed. This should not be confused with these other status types.

The following topics describe the use of the statuses.