System Settings

System settings let you specify values and preferences that work best for your implementation of Deployment Automation.

To set system settings:

  1. Navigate to Administration > System.
  2. Select System Settings from the selection box. The system setting are shown on the page in view-only mode.
  3. To preview the component versions that will be archived the next time an archive file is created, click the Preview Version Cleanup button.
  4. To update the system settings, click the Edit button.

    The system settings are as follows:

    Setting Description
    External Agent URL URL for agents to access the Deployment Automation web UI.
    External User URL URL for users to access the Deployment Automation web UI.
    Only Groups in Security Roles When this is enabled, individual users cannot be granted permissions to anything. All permissions must be granted to groups.
    Default security group The security group that external users will be associated with when users are auto-registered.
    Automatic Version Import Check Period (seconds) The number of seconds between polls for new versions for all components with this option turned on. Requires a server restart to take effect. It is not recommend to set this to less than 15.
    Mail Server Host Hostname of the mail server for notifications. Leave this blank to disable notifications.
    Mail Server Port SMTP port for email notifications.
    Secure Mail Server Connection Whether the SMTP connection should be secured.
    Mail Server Sender Address Address to use for the "from" address for email notifications.
    Mail Server Username Username to use for sending email notifications.
    Mail Server Password Password to use for sending email notifications.
    Hour to Clean Versions The hour of the day when versions should be cleaned up. This must be an integer between 0 (midnight) and 23 (11 PM).
    Days to Keep Versions Number of days to keep component versions. -1 will keep indefinitely.
    Number of Versions to Keep Number of versions to keep for each component. -1 will keep all.
    Archive Path Path to write a zip file containing the artifacts of each version cleaned up. If this is blank, archives will not be written.
    Minimum Password Length The minimum length of passwords allowed to be created.
    Require Complex Passwords This will validate new passwords created through the UI or command line interface to ensure the password is complex. To pass validation, it must use 2 of the 4 character classes: upper, lower,digits, and special. It must be as long or longer than the password minimum length.
    Automation License Management Whether the server should automatically assign new agents to open license slots.