Configuring Unauthenticated Mode for HTTP Communication

In unauthenticated mode, communication is encrypted but users do not have to authenticate or verify their credentials. Deployment Automation automatically uses this mode for JMS-based server/agent communication. You cannot turn this off.

SSL unauthenticated mode can also be used for HTTP communication. You can implement this mode for HTTP communication during server/agent/agent relay installation, or activate it afterward.

By default Deployment Automation uses this mode for its JMS-based server/agent communication on port 7918.

Important: Because agent relays do not automatically activate SSL security, you must turn it on during relay installation or before attempting to connect to the relay. Without SSL security active, agent relays cannot communicate with the server or remote agents.

To activate unauthenticated mode for HTTP:

  1. Open the file which is located in the server_installation/conf/server directory.

    The file contains the properties that were set during installation.

  2. Ensure that the property is set to Y.
  3. Ensure that the install.server.web.ip property is set to the port the server should use for HTTPS requests.
  4. Save the file and restart the server.