Amazon EC2 Associate IPs Step

In an AWS, an Elastic IP Address (EIP) enables you to reserve an IP address that you can then assign to any AMI instance you have running. If needed, at any time you can also change the assignment to a different instance.

According to Amazon, this feature is designed for "dynamic cloud computing". Once an EIP has been associated with an instance, it remains associated with that instance until you release it.

To create an associate IPs step:

  1. Enter a Name for your Associate IPs step.
  2. Specify values for the following required properties:
    Property Description
    Access Key Id The EC2 access key ID to use to log in.
    Secret Key The EC2 secret key.
    IPS A new-line separated list of elastic ips to associate with instances.
    Instance IDS A comma-separated list of instance IDs that correspond to the IPs to associate.
    AWS Jar The full path to the AWS SDK .jar file.