Creating Amazon EC2 Start, Stop, and Terminate Instance Steps

To start, stop, or terminate an Amazon EC2 instance, you pass the same set of parameters. These give the information needed to identify the instance that you want to start, stop, or terminate. The only difference is start and stop steps accept only one Instance ID whereas the terminate step accepts more than one instance ID.

To create a start, stop, or terminate instance step:

  1. Enter a Name for your start, stop, or terminate instance step.
  2. Specify values for the following required properties:
    Property Description
    Access Key Id The EC2 access key ID to use to log in.
    Secret Key The EC2 secret key.
    instance ID The Instance ID to start or stop, or for the terminate step, a list of instance IDs separated by commas.
    AWS Jar The full path to the AWS SDK .jar file.