Setting Deployment Blackout Dates

A blackout can be set at the global environment level or application environment level. Once set, no deployments or snapshots can be scheduled to occur in the designated environment.

To set up a blackout:

  1. In Deployment, in the global menu, click Schedule and then select one of the Blackout options as follows:
    • Application Environment Blackout
    • Global Environment Blackout
  2. Follow the Schedule Blackout wizard to make your selections. Selections are relevant for application or global environments, depending on at what level you are adding the blackout.
  3. Select an environment for which to set the blackout.
  4. Select the date and time range for which you want the blackout to remain in effect. Optionally, you can enter a name for the blackout.
  5. Click Submit.
In the Timeline, the blackout dates now have a black icon to indicate a blackout has been set. An A or G indicate the environment level for the blackout, application or global. In the Timeline grid or table view you can view, edit, or delete the blackout.
Important: If any previously-scheduled deployments to the environment are within the blackout date range, they will fail.

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